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A partnership model developed to enable aspiring dentists to own their own dental practices

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Building lasting

dental partnerships


Welcome to The Dental Management Partners’ proposal which aims to build a new partnership model for dentists.

As the dental industry has developed over the years, the burden of administrative management and financial risk in owning a practice has increased markedly.


It has become increasingly difficult for associates to purchase practices because of competition from corporates and difficulty in raising the necessary finance. Many successful practitioners are unable to pass a practice on to an associate in the traditional manner.

In light of what we feel are profound changes, we have developed a partnership model that can be used as a new mechanism for a dental practitioner(s) to buy, own and run a practice.


This is not a corporate model, it is a partnership. Our ideal partner is an associate looking to buy out a practice owner, with a strong track record for patient care and dedication to the job.

Simon and Nick

Managing Partners


The Partnership Model

The partnership consists of two parties:

  • The Dental Practitioner

  • The Dental Management Partners

As the Dental Practitioner, you are the operating partner and principal of the practice, responsible for the final say on key decisions and day to day running of the business.

The Dental Management Partners are on hand to support and advise you in running a strong, sustainable practice.

The Partnership Model

Value in Partnership

The Dental Management Partners have considerable experience in running, growing and supporting practices. Simon and Nick work with a team to provide:

Acquisitions Assistance


Management Guidance

Operational Support

HR & Legal Support

Marketing, IT & Client Retention


Procurement Efficiencies

Practice management can be a lonely career at times, and this has been made more apparent by the changes which have occurred as the industry has evolved.

For some practitioners, a resource that an be dipped into when required is an opportunity to let them grow.

The Partnership

For Practice Owners:

An opportunity to sell to a partnership

  • Confidence in continuity of practice management style, look and feel

  • A principal to lead and run the practice as an independent practice

  • A team that believes continuity of staff and their welfare is essential to providing high-quality dental care

For Associates: An opportunity to buy into a practice

  • Access to finance and a platform for increased income compared to a normal partnership split

  • Ownership of an asset with a reduced exposure to risk

  • Reduced stress of management through working with experienced partners and a stable support structure

Who are the Dental Management Partners

Simon and Nick have built careers working in dental partnerships across London and Hampshire

At the core of their approach is a focus on preserving the identity of practices. They respect that there is a distinctive personal identity and patient relationship that individual practitioners have spent years building up. It is unique to each practice and an integral part of developing a successful business.

Who Are We?

Nicholas H R Forster


Wessex LDN Chair

I’ve worked in dentistry for over 30 years now and I’m currently chair of the LDN Wessex and a senior partner at St James Dental clinic in Winchester, the largest independent provider of NHS care in the county.


I enjoy the mentoring process and take pride in building long-term businesses based around the core delivery of quality dentistry. I have three children and am a keen mountaineer, hiker and golfer in my spare time.


Simon P Chaplin-Rogers


I qualified as a dentist in London before going on to read medicine. I am currently senior partner of a large medical practice and have owned three dental practices, all again within partnerships, working as a dental trainer, and playing an active part of LDC Hampshire.


My career has been built on helping practitioners in struggling practices, often helping to resolve issues, re-energise them and focus their surgery delivery. My fourth practice sale, Marlfield House, was one of the largest across the UK in 2016.

Away from work I am a keen sailor, rugby enthusiast and spend time running around after four children.



"I had the privilege to be in partnership with Simon for 8 years and always valued his dedication and support, not only as a partner but also as a fellow clinician.  Simon had a charismatic way to engage staff and fellow clinicians, which helped us to build a patient centred and motivated team.  As a fellow foundation dental trainer under the Oxford Scheme, Simon was inspiring to the younger dentists and a great role model to follow."


—  Dr Hennie Müller 

BChD, DPDS, Cert Med ed, MSc (Dent Impl)



Will this help my associate buy me out?

Yes. We prefer associates with a knowledge of the business but will listen to all who share the same passion and drive for excellent patient care.

Is this another name for a corporate?


Will my practice maintain its identity?

Yes. Maintaining the brand and identity of a practice is integral to our strategies. We respect the unique personal identity and patient relationships that individual practitioners have spent years building up.

Do I have to continue working?

Not if you don’t want to. Our wish would be to have a sensible handover period but we are flexible and will work to ensure that all parties feel that they are valued and supported.

Can I work as an associate?

We would be delighted to keep familiar faces at the practice!


Who will support my associate/new owner in the running of the practice?


We support with business structure and stability, but our partnership is based on a 'soft touch' approach - it is not target led. We pride ourselves on supporting our partners to continue to build the practice and stepping in when we are needed.


Contact Us

If you would like to learn about the partners who have already benefitted from this model or arrange an appointment for your own succession planning, please drop us a line.

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